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Нечто странное

Возможно, задумка и интересная, но пока я ее не понял...


Пожалуй лучшая игра на iOS на сегодняшний день



Anxiety Cure

This game is amazing in helping my through my anxiety. It is absolutely beautiful and if you have any issue with anxiety or another issue I highly recommend this game.

Overheating Issues

I like the game but I can’t stand it’s extra overheating feature. If the devs fix it, I’ll definitely love this app.


It’s just boring nothing to do and it sends WAY to many notifications

Changes aren’t always better

The app used to be simple and relaxing. I’d open it, watch my mountain and relax. Now every time I open it I have another planet trying to annihilate me and it just adds unneeded stress especially since there was not explanation as to how to avoid impact. It goes against the original concept

One of the greatest scams in iOS app history. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

The mountain does absolutely nothing. I can only believe the developers laugh themselves to sleep every night over the fact that so many of us suckers bought this. But more disturbing is that Apple promoted this “game” specifically. So what shady (illegal?) kickback are they getting? Shame Apple. Shame developers.

This screensaver is miscategorised

This is a screensaver not a video game I want my money back

Perfect to chill

This app is amazing to just chill with, as someone who avidly gets high this app is perfect, letting me just lay in bed and watch my own little mountain so its thing while I fumble with the piano feature at the bottom. Couldn’t recommend this app more


What you do in the "game" is stare at a mountain that doesn't move/ change AT ALL

Seriously disappointed

When the giant roll of toilet paper appeared near the peak for no reason at all, I knew I wouldn't bother playing again.


Genius. Genius. Genius.

Overheats my phone and iPad

I liked watching this mountain but in less than 10 minutes it makes my phone heat up quite a bit, so hot that I was worried about my phone. It also does that on my iPad so I had to stop using it. :(

Something different

I don't play many games but I enjoy this one very much, even though it's not so much about "gameplay", it's really fun.

Boring and you literally do nothing

I understand the mindfulness aspect of it but I don’t see why you pay $1 to literally watch nothing.

OK, I get it...

Displays an a awful lot of attitude for so little payback for the input of the “player” (read buyer). Amounted to a mountain of expectation with little reward. The vaudeville rules for constructing a public entertainment are: the Grabber, the Snapper, the Topper, and the Capper. Mountain has the Grabber down but that’s it. Such potential, so poorly delivered.


This game is NOT kidding around.

Almost great

It would be perfect if a larger variety of plant life was added. I don’t quite like that the objects that fall are items humans would have if there aren’t even animals or humans in the game. At least animals should be added

Observational more than playable.

I like it. It’s more of a thing you observe than a thing to play with, which is actually kinda perfect for me because I don’t have a lot of time to waste on games but I do have occasional breaks in my day where I can check up on a mountain. Which things keep running in to! And I don’t know why or how to stop it or get rid of them. But I do like this app.

Good unless you mess up the first thing

I didn’t know what to do with the drawings at the beginning so I skipped the first ones and then figured out what to do with the last one. I didn’t know that your game is decided on what you draw and I wish you could restart from the begging.

What is the point?

This game is definitely not worth a buck. What, you’re just supposed to stare at the mountain that is floating creepily in space? And what is with the drawing thing at the beginning? Weird!

Cute but Confusing

So it’s cute and pretty but it’s never explained what it’s purpose or point is. It’s marketed at a game but you don’t really get to “play” anything. The world is nice but a tutorial or explanation or an actual game worth money would appreciated. If you are easily bored don’t get this game.

Why do stuffs I collect disappear??

Seems like it’d be a more interesting game is you could collect stuffs on the mountain by chance, and keep them. Scene is beautiful, random drops are cute, just not much purpose if they disappear.


This app is literally nothing. It’s not a game. It’s not interesting. I waited for something to change. Nothing. Give them your few dollars and there’s nothing.


I’ve really enjoyed this game so far. However, my phone gets so incredibly hot when I play it. It’s somewhat of a deterrent to keep playing. Yet, it’s still a surprisingly amusing and lovely little game. I’m looking forward to what other gems it might have in store (save it doesn’t burn my phone out!).

My Mountain

Got enihalated! ;-;

died too many times

2018.2.13 Playing music can cast a protection to the mountain! Finally saved my mountain once! I got some glass bottles with letters in it. Wish I could read them... 2018.2.10 update: This is insane! Why does my mountain dies every single day?!!! 2018.2.9 update: I opened it and put the phone on the desk during class this afternoon and I was astonished to find that the game was more graceful and delicate than I had known... Just be patient and let it move by itself. It’s worth it. ——— If I forget to open the app for a few days, the next I visit the mountain, it will be blown up by some random stuff (arrow of infinite pain and sorrow, etc). I just wanna relax!!! This is too much. Life is difficult enough for me!

Not for iPhone X

Not compatible with iPhone X

Not my style

I really appreciate unique games or apps but app is not fun or entertaining and honestly I couldn’t find the meaningful lesson that they might had offer again this is my personal opinion even if it was free I still would download it again

Good for starting fires

I played this game for 5 minutes and my phone got so hot it started a small house fire I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to cook eggs on their phone

hate it

NOT worth the $1

Mountain gets killed daily

Seemed like a cool concept, but why get attached to the mountain and its inhabitants when something flies in and kills it every 24 hours? Useless


Saw a video someone did of it that made it seem cool. Figured I'd give it a try since it seemed peaceful. Not really worth it. It would be if there was a way to interact with the mountain and make it to where we could grow trees and animals or something.

Best game ever

You look at a mountain and play piano noises while you wait for stuff to land or hit your mountain. Overall the best game ever!!!

This is meditative art and it's beautiful.

The only reason to rate less than 5 (or maybe 4) stars is if you think this is a game, when it's not that whatsoever. It's a "relax em up", a game that emphasizes meditation and going with the flow. I almost rated it 4 stars because controlling your mountain to swivel it side to side can be a little jumpy sometimes, which sometimes breaks the immersion. Other than that, stellar app, I love it 👌🏼

5 stars, yaaay everyone gets a trophy

This is not a 5 star game. It is a buck so you don't get any ads. It has the charm of a fireplace on TV, pointless yet welcome.

Hidden controls

Tap the bottom of the screen and there are two rows of piano like keys that change the mountain from season to season and add things. You just have to go with it. It's very relaxing and stress relieving

Absolutely stupid

Charming to look at but nothing happens. Pointlessness makes even the low price irritating. This game gets a large existential" why?"

Awful bad game.

Don't try this game and waste 0.99 cents on it. It's extremely boring and depressing. The only thing that you can do to pass the time is move your entity around the mountain and play an echoey piano that if you press one key on the top its speeds time up just to change the season. The title says you can collect items and organize them but I wasted 20 mins waiting for one to appear and still nothing.there is no way that it is ranked 1 in 33 countries or even 1 country. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME AND DO NOT BUY. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR SOMETHING COOLER.

A toy, not a game

This version is pretty faithful to the PC version of mountain. This is not a game but really a toy to play with. Certain tunes can change your mountains experience even destroy it (think Close Encounters). The three stars is that there is no ambient sound/music. Since that last update was two years ago I imagine this will. It get fixed. Apple should stop suggesting this as a game for Airplane Mode since it is broken.

Perfect example of an Atmospheric game

If you like atmospheric games, MTN is ok for you. If you're a COD console player or a 12 year old Minecraft player, stay away. -1 star because there could be more detail to the passage of time and random events.

New update

People should fall from the sky


How do u play I don't undeerstand this game


Waste off .99 cents, a scam!!!


Just spent a hard earned $1 on this and I already hate myself for it

Mre mtn pls

More apps just like Mtn, please Heard about this on a worthwhile-nerd podcast and I don't always keep the app downloaded on my phone, but the Design!!!!! Concept 55555 Creative⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Execution 💛💛💛💛💛 Diversity of target market 👼👼🏿👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻 Would be cool if the secretly codes were published in a Nintendo world ePub (directly inspired by ASTRONut ePub) etc. Not only because the Duck duck go search yields several homemade videos that are considerably the ugliest, uncontrollably obscure – careless; user-made and anti-didactic – YouTube videos, and Mtn is better than that. What do I mean exactly? Sing-- sing a song--Tap it out loud--And make it rain blood! What! Yep! Yep? Yep—

Not a game.

MTN is poorly categorized. It is not a game. Period. At best it is an interactive graphic that allows you to rotate, zoom in, and zoom out. I'll give it credit, it's nice looking. However, in my experience, not much happens. Once a house showed up on the side of the mountain, but then it was gone. Sometimes there are lights in the trees. However, a game is either that of skill or that of chance, this app is neither. There are no controls, skills to be learned, or even anything to really do, except watch the mountain. I did read the reviews before buying the app, and was looking forward to a different type of game to play on my phone – even looking forward to something unique. But again, this isn't really a game at all.

Can't rotate screen? DELETED!

Can't play in landscape? Then fuinthe a and haveanice day!

Uhhm no thanks

This game is really not a game at all. I appreciate the meaning of it but it should be in entertainment or something. Very dull after a few minutes of blindly trying to figure out when and if anything is going to happen, and didn't make me feel anything at all. This app is okay, and deserves a chance, but not for a dollar. And it shouldn't be marketed as a game because by definition it isn't.


If you like action, this is not for you. But I think of it as a break from all of the action. The graphics are great, the gameplay is lovely. If you are wanting something to check every now and then, this is for you. If you want something to give you a sense of peace and calmness, this is for you. I cannot recommend this enough.

It does exactly what it's supposed to

This game might cost a little money but it sure does what it tells you it will do. You get to be a mountain. Thats literally all you do. If thats what you need to do with your life then buy this app!!

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