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Mountain app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 1440 ratings )
Weather Games Role Playing Simulation
Developer: David OReilly
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.32, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 03 Jul 2014
App size: 139.22 Mb

~ you are mountain - you are god ~

Experience Mountain, the award winning ambient procedural mountain game.

- no controls
- automatic save
- audio on/off switch
- time moves forward
- things grow and things die
- nature expresses itself
- iCloud saves

"Mountain breaks the mold of video games."
- Ian Bogost, The Atlantic

"Nothing You Do Matters in This Game, But You’ll Still Obsess Over It."
- Bo Moore, WIRED

"At the beginning of the game, I find the idea cute. By the end, I am hypnotized."
- Carolina A. Miranda, LA Times

"Welcome to an existential nightmare."
- Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb

"The time I spend with Mountain feels slightly more real to me than anything else inside my computer."
- Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra

"“Mountain” upends expectations, refusing to fit into preexisting categories."
- Justin Cone, Motionographer

"I don’t like to talk emotions but this game genuinely is so uplifting."
- Alice OConnor, Rock Paper Shotgun

"The only experience that has ever made me feel sad about a geological phenomenon."
- Andrew Webster, The Verge

Pros and cons of Mountain app for iPhone and iPad

Mountain app good for

wonderful and useful for people who love relaxing times. No crashes on iPhone 4s. It works for me.
Even though its not really a game, Mountain is pretty cool. Just dont expect it to be more then a very very pretty screensaver that drains the battery like nothing else, and you wont be disappointed!
What a great piece of art! A triggered experience of one owns feeling thoughts emotions and mirror for ones "wishingness" ( way of having the wish that sth should happen , curriosity. etc) whilst the the Mountain just is there and goes by its own pace!( Not limit of game controls!) Have seen many performance artists work - Now this is implementet in a Mountain - Wow!
This is a piece of art. This is like cleaning your thoughts off the normal. Just let it happen and don’t expect anything. If anyone asked, I’d suggest: get your own Mountain, as my Mountain makes me happy.
The Mountain requires the God to have patience with himself. The Mountain is patient with everybody. I hope this gets a few more future updates. More sound effects would be interesting. All kinds of cosmic and terrestrial special events would be thinkable. Like earth quakes, waterfalls or springs. Falling star showers or eclipses. The vegetation and even the Mountain itself could be evolving. Also more objects and thoughts from Davids films please to actually play, but its pretty, and its clear a crazy amount of work went into creating this. Also it gets five stars because that other nut gave it one star and didnt understand the concept of sentences.

Some bad moments

Either I am really not getting it or there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this game... And nothing to do. The Mountain itself is not even interesting to explore... Its a Mountain.
Application ou jeu consistant à regarder une montagne suspendu dans lespace. It´s a game within the only possibility is to watch a Mountain is the space. Totaly useless. What a shame to propose a game like that at 0,89€
This must be one of the most boring apps that I have ever payed money for. And it constantly crashes on the iPad Mini (quite performance intensive)..
This is the Most boring App i Eber downloaded. You can literally do nothing at all. Do not download this crap!!
this is a huge waste of money. U dont do anythih in this "game".
Someone is either sniggering very hard or feeling very smugly pleased with themselves on this one.

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